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In December 2019, Mohammad Awwad moved from Jordan to Berlin to join the product team at Zenjob. His relocation to Germany has been one of many in his well-rounded career. The iOS Developer not only worked as a Lead Instructor in Jordan, but also as a Software Engineer in California and iOS Developer in London. We recently sat down with Awwad to discuss his onboarding experience, his relocation to Berlin, and how his first few months at Zenjob have been. 

How was your relocation from Jordan to Berlin?

It was very smooth and easy. The People Support team helped me a lot! They very quickly answered all of my questions and guided me. Additionally, the support I got from the relocation agency was on point. They helped me get an appointment to register my address in Germany, which is very important here to get a bank account for example. They even provided a German-speaking agent for me to help me answer any of the authorities’ questions. What really relieved me was that the language barrier wasn’t an issue at all when I moved since I was always able to ask the People Support team to help me with any problems related to the German language. A big shout out to Leah McGee for her patient help!  

What were some of the challenges you faced when relocating to Germany? 

It was a bit tricky to get a SIM card because you need a bank account. However, I couldn’t open an online bank account with my passport. Luckily, I realized that I could buy a prepaid SIM card for which you do not need to have a bank account.

How was your first week at Zenjob? 

I was really impressed with the general onboarding in my first week. It was well organized, very comprehensive, and super professional. Each department presented their tasks and responsibilities which gave me a general idea of what Zenjob does before I was able to delve into my position. After the general onboarding, all new-joiners joined their respective teams, and I was finally able to get started in the engineering department. 

What did the internal onboarding in your team look like? 

My manager introduced me to the rest of the team and explained the work dynamics. He provided me with all the tools and hardware I needed to start doing my job. I was also assigned a work buddy, who helped me a lot. My work buddy explained many product details and answered all of my questions, no matter whether they dealt with the day-to-day life at Zenjob or exploring Berlin. 

Who has played the most active role in your onboarding? 

That’s really hard to answer, since everyone was always happy to answer any question I had – even non-job related questions. But I think I need to specifically thank my work buddy and the People Support team for really making me feel welcome!

What part of the onboarding has been most beneficial for you? 

Since I work in the product and engineering department, I have to say that the product session was the most beneficial for me. It gave me an overview of all the products available at Zenjob and how they interact with each other. 

Having worked at Zenjob for over four months, how would you describe the culture at Zenjob? 

The culture is very healthy! Every day, it motivates me to wake up and quickly go to work, excited and eager to learn new things and work on our product. The atmosphere in the company is very friendly. It feels like the company takes care of each person’s mental health, and I love the amazing work-life balance. 

Do you have any advice for future new joiners at Zenjob? 

Don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it! The team is lovely and super helpful and they always find a way to support you! 

Thanks so much for the interview Awwad!

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