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Meet Isabel, Senior Business Development Manager at Zenjob, who has worked at Zenjob since the very beginning and has grown with the company in every step of the way. We sat down with Isabel to talk about her professional journey at Zenjob, which started in Marketing, took a detour in Product and led to her current position in Business Development. 

1. When did you join Zenjob and in what role? Can you tell us a bit about the early days?

I joined Zenjob as a Marketing Manager in 2016. Since it was still the early days of the company, I did a bit of everything: setting up our website, sending out mail campaigns, but also a bit of recruiting and other random tasks. 

2. How has your career progressed and your role changed since you joined Zenjob? 

Shortly after joining, I was offered a position in the product team, which at the time only consisted of me, our CTO, and two engineers. I stayed in that department for almost two years and even had the chance to launch a whole product from scratch, which was a great learning experience. After that I moved to Growth in the Marketing department which was pretty similar to Product, but a bit more fast-paced. After some internal restructurings, I moved to the Business Development team, where I now manage the development of our working student jobs among other things. 

3. How did you make the career change? What contributed to your growth? What sources do you use to develop yourself professionally? 

All of my career changes at Zenjob were made possible because I specifically asked for them or suggested that I would be interested in working in that area. I try to stay curious and learn as much as I can in and outside of work. I try to “shadow” other teams’ work as often as possible and regularly ask for coaching sessions and support from more experienced colleagues. I was also able to attend several training courses that have supported my transition to  Product and Growth. 

4. What advice would you give to someone who wants to develop or change their career path?

I would say that the most important thing is to stay curious and try to learn as much as possible. You don’t need to do a fancy training course or a formal programme. Start by learning from your colleagues and friends who might work in a department that you are interested in. Give yourself a target and deadline and be super open with your manager about your desire to switch teams since they should support you to make this transition. 

5. What do you love about working at Zenjob?

The two best things about working at Zenjob are the people and the changing environment. It’s really nice to work with friendly, hard-working and helpful people. The changing environment is also great if you get bored easily and it is definitely helpful for personal and professional growth.

6. How do you see the future of work?

I see the future of work as very flexible and even more employee-driven. In recent years, younger generations in particular have demonstrated that companies need to work harder to be more employee-focused. I think we will see an even bigger shift towards working remotely, four-day weeks and other similar approaches to work, which will make workplaces more inclusive and give workers a better quality of life.

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