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Congratulations Elisabeth, you have recently been promoted to Senior Account Manager! To celebrate your success we would love to do an interview with you to learn about how you got to where you are today and why you love working at Zenjob! :-)

1. How has your career developed at Zenjob? What has contributed to your growth?

A customer of mine initially told me about Zenjob. After that, I started seeing Zenjob everywhere! I got really curious about the concept. A few weeks later, I got a message from People and Culture Department. I went to the interview and knew that I wanted to be a part of this journey. I’ve been working at Zenjob for almost 2 years and started as an Operations Manager in the Operations Team. Moving from a classic temp work agency to a start-up was both exciting and challenging, but the whole team gave me a loving welcome and a feeling of belonging. It made it really easy to leave the familiarity I had had before. I would say that we all grew together, stayed helpful and mastered every situation together. For me, it was a different style of working when we were still part of the Operations Team. I missed the personal contact to my customers, seeing them in person, being at events and having an almost personal connection to them. When the teams shifted from Operations to Account Management I was really happy to get those responsibilities back. The communication with our customers increased a lot and we also developed a sense of moving something. Witnessing the way Zenjob is growing and experiencing all the possibilities for personal growth inspires me every day. 

2. What does a day in your current role look like?

Every day is completely different and definitely not predictable. Overall, I am the first contact person for my 200 customers. But I also take care of the initial contact with new customers entering all the relevant data and coordinating jobs.  Regular feedback meetings are also an important part of the process, enabling us to continually improve our service. I am also available to support our other teams and receive requests from customers and students. 

3. What is the most challenging and rewarding aspect of your work?

The most challenging thing right now is to stay in touch with my customers. The hospitality and gastronomy sectors have been strongly affected by the pandemic, so it’s been quite difficult to keep in touch. Nevertheless, it’s really nice to hear familiar voices again. It’s also been a positive challenge to get to know the logistics industry, among many others, and take care of them. I would say that the most rewarding aspect for me is keeping in touch with all of my customers and giving them the best user experience I can.

4. What has been your proudest achievement?

I really enjoyed meeting some of my clients in person last year in Munich & Cologne. I am also really proud about learning so much with each new development and process at Zenjob, even the ones that I am initially sceptical about. One of my proudest memories was taking over so many new clients and becoming the leading staffing platform for them.

5. How would you describe your team dynamic?

We always go with the flow. We constantly give each other feedback, are always there for each other, even when things get stressful. We help each other out when necessary and are constantly searching for new ways to improve old workflows. We trust each other and don’t ever feel envious of one another. We are always helpful, honest, hungry and humble. 

6. What do you think makes working at Zenjob special?

One thing I cherish the most about Zenjob is that working here has given me the chance to meet a wide variety of people. People who I would not only consider as colleagues but also friends. We stay in touch even outside of working hours. I love having such a personal connection with the team and our clients. Everyone can feel welcome at Zenjob and be themselves. I also love that there’s a sense of a Zenjob culture. You come to the office and there’s just a unique atmosphere. All of us are looking for chances to constantly push ourselves and make Zenjob the best at what it does.


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