Zenjob Story

Zenjob is a Berlin based fast growing digital staffing company backed by strong international investors including Acton Capital, Atlantic Labs, AXA Venture Partners, Forestay Capital, and Redalpine Venture Partners. Its technological staffing solution is being used by thousands of students and hundreds of well-known brands in sectors such as e-commerce, logistics, fashion retail, food retail, and hospitality. Having closed its $30m Series C financing round in 2020, the company is continuing a rapid roll-out of its services and further expanding internationally.

Zenjob was founded in 2015 by Fritz Trott, Cihan Aksakal and Frederik Fahning. In the early beginnings of Zenjob, Talents got their student jobs sent through email newsletters and text messages. Today, Zenjob uses a specially developed technology to connect companies with students ever faster.

Companies request staff in an online booking portal. Suitable students are automatically matched with the jobs in a mobile app and can decide which ones they want to apply for.

The uniqueness of Zenjob lies in the automation of the entire recruitment process. Zenjob now places over 12,000 jobs for students every month and has developed from a start-up into a dynamically growing, technology-oriented personnel service company in the last four years. 

Zenjob’s corporate vision is to enable people to shape their working lives individually. The goal is to make it easier for companies to recruit and for talented people to find jobs, and to offer the best service on the market with new, intelligent solutions.

In the future, not only students, but everyone should have the opportunity to organize their working life freely and independently.

The Founders

Four years ago, Fritz Trott met Cihan Aksakal and Frederik Fahning, the two co-founders of Zenjob. All three longed for a new challenge in life and more job satisfaction. 

Fritz had already had a marketing career at Rocket Internet, Cihan had built up the company kaufDA as founder & CTO and Frederik researched legal issues relating to digital potential on the job market.

The three wanted to develop something new and were driven by the idea of sustainably improving the working world with the help of digital technologies. They founded Zenjob with the aim of changing the way we work so that one day people can decide for themselves when and how often they want to work.

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by Cihan, Frederik and Fritz

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