Life at Zenjob

At Zenjob, we strive to create a collaborative and supportive work environment. The company values transparency, communication, and creativity. Our employees are encouraged to take ownership of their work and contribute their unique skills and perspectives.

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Your benefits

  • Learning opportunities

    Each Zennie has an annual learning and development budget of €750 for individual learning goals, as well as the opportunity to improve their English and German language skills using Babbel materials and live lessons!

  • Mobility

    We offer a monthly budget of €40 at Navit to spend on the transportation of your choice. Additionally, we also help you own your dream Bike through JobRad.

  • Work-life balance

    We offer 28 vacation days per year plus one additional day of leave per year from two years of employment (up to a maximum of 30). We also offer a hybrid working policy where remote working is possible.

  • Keeping active

    We offer a discounted gym membership at FitX and a discount at Urban Sports Club. We also have a ping-pong table and a foosball table in the office.

  • Keeping fueled

    We offer fresh fruit and vegetable baskets twice a week and a catered company lunch every other Friday. We also offer digital food vouchers through Circula, which provide a monthly tax-free meal allowance of up to €103,50.

  • Dog-friendly office

    Our Zennies have a soft spot for their furry companions. So much, in fact, that there is even a Slack channel dedicated to our pets.

Your Onboarding at Zenjob

  • 1

    Your first day – On this special day, you will receive a warm personal welcome not only from your manager and team members but from the entire organization. Our Company Onboarding program is designed to make you feel valued and part of our community right from the start.

  • 2

    To kick off your journey, our lovely Workplace team will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to our headquarters office. They will guide you through our vibrant workplace environment, helping you familiarize yourself with the various facilities and amenities available to you.

  • 3

    Once you’ve settled into our inspiring workspace, our dedicated IT team will be there to assist you in setting up your equipment and ensuring that you have everything you need to dive into your new role seamlessly.

  • 4

    Company Onboarding – We offer a 4-day Company Onboarding starting every 1st of the month. As a New Joiner, you get to learn more about our mission, culture, and story. You will participate in a value workshop and get introductions to many departments throughout Zenjob.

  • 5

    Onboarding never stops – We will pair you up with a team internal Buddy to further facilitate the onboarding into your department and role. There’s no such thing as too many questions, we believe in a collaborative and supportive work environment. Your Buddy will, next to your manager, provide you with job-specific training to familiarize yourself with your role, responsibilities, systems, and tools.

  • 6

    Ongoing support – anything that goes beyond your new role and you have questions about – our People Operations team is happy to help with it. Be it with benefits enrollment, employment agreements, or any required paperwork.

Zenjob’s Leadership Principles

Background & Purpose

At Zenjob, we believe in the power of people management and the profound impact this can have on our people, their personal development, and the output of their work for our customers.
Our Leadership principles were created with the aim to have consistency within our leadership. They take into account our culture, values, vision, and what we stand for as a company.
Leaders are encouraged to make them part of their everyday leadership practices and interactions with their team members.

The Principles

These six principles guide us on what is expected of a great leader. They direct our behavior and provide guidance for our development.

  • zenjob lead by example

    Lead by example

    Role modeling starts with inner self-awareness, this means:

    • Acting with integrity and according to our values
    • Making personal and professional development an ongoing priority
    • Being open to and proactively asking for feedback
  • hire and develop exceptional people

    Hire & develop exceptional people

    Bring exceptional people into our organization by:

    • Treating hiring as the highest priority
    • Not tolerate behavior that is not in sync with our values and performance standards
    • Helping people pursue their learning and career aspirations
  • create clarity and goal

    Create Clarity about goals, rationale, and deliverables

    Always start by:

    • Tying goals to company and team purpose
    • Defining what success looks like and holding teams accountable
    • Making decisions based on data and course-correct based on learnings
  • Provide resources and remove roadblocks

    Identify and address what stands in the team’s way to deliver their best work by:

    • Applying an “expected return” maximizing mindset to everything you do
    • Using the resources of others efficiently and effectively
    • Always ask yourself if the same could be achieved with less
  • empower

    Empower your people to make decisions

    Lead in a way that allows others to say – “we did it ourselves” by:

    • Giving ownership & responsibility
    • Helping people arrive at decisions through questions or sparring rather than providing solutions
    • Enabling decision-making at the lowest relevant level, avoiding escalation
  • take responsibility

    Take responsibility for your people’s performance

    Always ask yourself “How did I contribute to the outcome I am seeing?” by:

    • Being quick to accept personal responsibility, avoid a victim mindset
    • Holding people accountable for delivering great work but providing the necessary support
    • Creating clarity about people’s performance and potential to improve