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At Zenjob, we want to help people manage their work lives with one click.

Our goal is to empower the workforce of tomorrow with innovative technology. We envision a world where everyone has full control over their work life. Today, we enable side jobbers across Germany to decide when, where, and how they work with just a few clicks. This is made possible by our state-of-the-art, automated technology solution, which we offer via our app to our side jobbers and our web-based product for our partner companies.

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3 good reasons to join us

At Zenjob, we believe that our employees are our greatest asset. We strive to create an inclusive, supportive environment where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential. Here are three good reasons to join us:

  • Growth and Development

    We’re committed to helping our employees grow by offering a range of development programs. From in-house training to external courses and conferences. Mentorship opportunities and performance reviews help our employees set and achieve their goals. And thanks to our promotion opportunities, you have the chance to advance your career at Zenjob.

  • A Strong Company Culture

    Our company culture is built on collaboration, innovation, and respect. We believe in working together to achieve our goals, and we value the contributions of every employee. We offer flexible scheduling options because we respect a healthy work-life balance. And with regular team-building events and a positive work environment, we strive to make Zenjob a great workplace.

  • Meaningful Work and Impact

    At Zenjob, we’re proud of our work and impact. Whether we’re developing cutting-edge technology or contributing to our community through social responsibility initiatives, we believe our work can make a real difference. We also know that our employees can make a difference, and we encourage them to get involved and make their mark on the world.

What our employees say about Zenjob

Charlotte Woltersdorf, Talent Care Agent

“Joining Zenjob was exciting for its disruptive approach to work. Being able to share my knowledge with long-term Account Management is one of my proudest achievements. What drew me most were the #honest values and open communication. The team is supportive and appreciative, creating a culture of growth. We’re all committed to giving our best every day, not just for ourselves but for each other.”

Victor Montgomery Weis, Sales Manager

“I love working with my team because we all live and understand our company values. Zenjob inspires me daily as a forward-thinking company. Being part of a team trying to change the future of work is more than just a job – I invest my time, experience, and knowledge in a company that invests in me.”

Johanna Belgrad, Sales Manager

“I always knew I wanted to work as a Sales Manager, but I was unsure because I heard a lot about the hard elements of the job. However, after 3 years at Zenjob, the team’s support helped me overcome my fears. I wake up in the morning happy to start the work in a team, where all help each other to grow together.”

Gavin Lesh, People Operations Manager

“I love working at Zenjob, an innovative company changing the future of work. My role in the People & Culture team is varied and exciting, from organizing onboarding weeks and cultural events to driving new efficiency initiatives. Contributing to a friendly and forward-thinking culture motivates me every day.”

Ly Nguyen, Talent Care Training & Quality Specialist

“Zenjob welcomed me warmly, despite my lack of experience. I’ve grown rapidly in 5 years, gaining insights into various areas. Flexibility and feedback are very important to us. It encourages us to be open and honest and to take the time to talk to each other.”

Charlotte Woltersdorf Talent care agent zenjob
Victor Montgomery Weis Zenjob
Johanna Belgrad Zenjob Sales Manager
Gavin Lesh Zenjob People Operations Manager

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