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Join the Product and Engineering (P&E) team at Zenjob and work on impactful solutions that give people in Germany an additional, flexible, and convenient income stream. Collaborate with creative and motivated teams to make a real impact and advance your career to the next level.

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zenjob product engineering

Engineering Department

Our technology team focuses on building sustainable solutions for an innovative staffing marketplace. We highly value simplicity, quality, and data-driven technical solutions that fuel our business needs. Our typical day consists of collaborating with product and business stakeholders to shape solutions, propose implementations, and validate results through experimentation. If you’re looking for a challenge that aligns with your values and allows you to grow as a software developer, Zenjob is the perfect place.

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Product & Design

Product & Design works at the intersection of technology, design, and business to deliver experiences our candidates and company customers love.
We take an idea from discovery to release and work across the organisation to define the “why” and “what” to build. We pride ourselves on discovering high-quality hypotheses, and we test and learn to build the best products. If you are outcome-driven, passionate about building something meaningful, and looking for opportunities to grow as a product professional, Zenjob is the perfect place for you.

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zenjob product engineering

Driving Innovation

Polly Chan, CPO

“As a CPO, my role is to lead Product & Design teams in creating products that solve real problems for our customers while driving business growth. I steer Zenjob in our product journey of building the preferred job marketplace, where people work and earn money flexibly and companies staff their businesses on demand. To deliver our ambition, we value clear prioritisation, a data-driven approach, and an effective test-measure-learn culture. At the heart of building great products, I also believe in staying close to our users and building empathy with cross-functional stakeholders.”

Will Ellis, CTO

“As the CTO of Zenjob, my focus is on developing an environment that allows all of our Engineers to thrive. We are solving problems as yet not tackled in the staffing industry, and our goal as a team is to sustainably minimise lead-time to business impact. Some key principles that drive us include: contributing across the tech stack, choosing simplicity over elegance, and fostering psychological safety. These reflect our company values and shape our day-to-day work.”

Patcharapa Trikitkul, Senior Data Analyst

“Being part of the product team is a thrilling journey where I have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the company that makes a positive impact on society. Working in a fast-paced environment can be challenging at times, but with the support of my colleagues, it becomes an incredibly enjoyable experience. One of the most rewarding aspects of being on the product team is the sense of value and empowerment I feel. My opinions and insights are highly regarded, and I can see firsthand how they contribute to the success of our products and the overall business. This level of trust and collaboration motivates me to go above and beyond, knowing that my contributions have a significant impact.”

Sundus Abrar, Senior Software Engineer

“Working with new technologies and tackling exciting challenges has expanded my skillset and positioned the P&E team as innovators. The supportive and collaborative team members have made every day enjoyable and fostered a sense of unity. The leadership values every employee’s interests and career goals, providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. Unanimous decision-making and a willingness to explore new strategies have contributed to a dynamic and innovative work environment. I am grateful for the remarkable experience at Zenjob and look forward to the exciting future ahead.”

Polly Chan Zenjob CPO
Will Ellis Zenjob CTO
Patcharapa Trikitkul Senior Data Analyst Zenjob
Sundus Abrar Zenjob

How our technology guiding principles align with our company values

  • zenjob value - hungry

    We contribute across the tech stack.
    We each take responsibility for quality.
    We take a long-term perspective on technology standards.

  • zenjob value humble

    We choose simplicity over elegance.
    We eliminate knowledge silos.
    We put security and compliance at the forefront.

  • zenjob value honest

    We foster psychological safety.
    We operate with maximum transparency.
    We build the confidence of our teams.

  • zenjob helpful

    We supply high-quality, accessible data.
    We avoid reinventing the wheel.
    We scale our systems only as far as we can see.